nancy + bruce

my hometown is...                               vancouver, bc


my role at zinc is...                                 master stylist


my days at zinc is....                          (wed), thurs - sat, (sun)
                                                                * ( ) days are subject to change


my dream vacation is...                  

all my friends and family at club med


my hidden talent is...

seeing the goodness in people


as a teenager I worshiped 

david bowie + vidal sasson


my heros are....

mom + dad + my husband 


my most overused phrase/word....

no worries






my hometown is...                               london, england


my role at zinc is...                             master stylist


my days at zinc is....                           friday

                                                                * ( ) days are subject to change


where you can find me on my days off                 

you can't


my heros

mother teresa, ambulance drivers, workers for the down and out on the east side, Nancy Jang, my wife


I am currently obsessed with...



when i was little, i wanted to be







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